Law and Family History

So, as I am slowly delving farther into my family history major, I am learning more and more interesting things (which I hope to be able to share with you). Well, I'm taking a class this semester called Family and Law in American History. Basically it is a family history class where we learn the law behind the family history research we are doing. Learning about the laws and government of the area where you are researching is very important with family history work. While you don't have to know the mundane details, it is important to know the general ideas about what government records were recorded when, and what the laws were behind these records. Understanding this will not only help you understand records like censuses, birth certificates, wills, etc., but will also help you understand where to even start your research and where to not research. For example, if you know your relative was born sometime around 1780 and the area where you are recording didn't start records for birth until 1850 then you know not to look for a birth certificate in that area. Make sense? Well, I hope it does, and I hope all goes well in your research this week.


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    May you keep sharing your ancestor stories!

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