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A good website to use is This is a website sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They have spent a good deal of money to gather records and to begin to get them indexed and online so that they can be searched. That is why volunteer indexing is so important. This website it not only a great searching website, but they also have a great website with current news on family history. The website is This can be quite a useful tool to find information about areas where families may have lived.
Another useful tab is the learn tab. It contains lots of videos about family history tools and guides. The videos can be searched by level of skill, area of family history, or language. This can be an extremely useful tool because all of our family history is different and unique for each person, and there are a wide variety of videos.
Also the books tab is interesting. It contains a link that takes it to BYU archives. They have scanned lots of family history related books and created a site for searching the scanned books and then you can search in the scanned books for names or other keywords.
These are just a few of the tools on this website. I would encourage you to go look at it and explore it. This website has a lot of great tools, and can be just as useful as Good luck with your family history.

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  1. is a wonderful website where I have had much luck finding primary source records.
    They also use volunteers for transcribing so one can give back to the genealogy community.
    Theresa (Tangled Trees)


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