Why family history is important?

Family history is a work that all people should be working on . I believe that family history can be great blessings to our lives as we work hard on it. I will admit that it can be quite hard. There are road blocks, frustrations, and lots of time spent, but I know that the rewards outweigh the hard times. There is an incredible feeling that comes when a connection is made or a lost relative is found. These names are real people, and we need to remember that as we work on our family history. I know that when we help these people get connected to their families, they smile on us with great pleasure.
One person in my life that I strongly admire is Gordon B. Hinckley who was the prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. About family history he said, "We are responsible for the blessing, the eternal blessing, of all who have lived upon the earth, the uncounted, unnumbered generations of men and women who have lived upon the earth, and all who will yet live upon the earth. How great is our responsibility. We must stand a little taller and work a little harder to accomplish it." According to President Hinckley, the reason we do family history work is to connect our family on earth and in heaven, and get their eternal ordinances done so that they have the opportunity to accept it. I know that by doing our family history we will be blessed in numerous ways in our lives, and we will gain a connection to those who came before us.

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About Sarah Leigh's Connections

I am a student in college studying family history and genealogy and I love it. I created this blog to provide my future family and my extended family a place to come a read and learn about their ancestors. I hope to be able to provide my family with connections to these people that gave them life. While it is starting out as a project for a class, I hope to continue it all through the rest of my life to share what I am currently working on and any insights I gain about my family or family history in general. Family history is probably one of my favorite things in the world and I hope to share my enjoyment through this blog.